Tire 777 Cruiser Hd Front 130/90b16 73h B/Bias Tl Ref


Tire 777 Cruiser Hd Front 130/90b16 73h B/Bias Tl Ref


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Product description

Shinko SR777 & SR777 H.D. Reflector tires are the next evolution in motorcycle tire technology. Almost completely unnoticeable until light hits the reflective material on the sidewall and then BAM ...the sidewall of the Shinko 777 Reflector tire lights up. Be Safe. Be Seen. 777 Reflector & 777 H.D Reflector tires are specifically designed for cruiser motorcycles and are available in many sizes to fit V-Twin and metric cruiser models.

  • Reflective strip is built into the sidewall of the tire

  • Looks like a normal black wall 777 tire during the day time

  • Rubber compound formulated to provide maximum grip and comfort

  • Confidence inspiring traction you can feel when accelerating, braking and cornering

  • H.D. (Heavy Duty) version with reinforced carcass providing a more stable and planted feel

  • H speed rated tubeless

  • Aramid belted provides ample load capacity while also giving more stability

  • Unleash the handling potential of you cruiser motorcycle

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